“Simon’s work has always been pleasantly surprising. The different look of different project maintains a consistent quality, yet picks out aspects of personality and tone for a fresh and unique perspective each time.”
Douglas Maclean
Glass Tower ~ Creative Director

Principled and will defend what is the right position to take instead of just doing what the client wants. By the same token, he will accommodate our wishes and has a very relaxed, professional manner. He understands all aspects of design extremely well and explains in a way that is easy for us to understand. For these reasons we value his judgement and believe he is the best designer we have worked with.”
Philip Power
Marketing Manager ~ Wholesale Distributors Ltd.

“We have really enjoyed working with Simon. He has an easy-going personality and a good sense of humour. He works well under pressure and always maintains a level head even in the most stressful situations.”
Sylvia Smith
Origin Design ~ Director/Client Service
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